"... the execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg is a blot on the justice of the United States.   I wish very much that we could clear their names." - Dr. Harold C. Urey
"High crimes can be committed in the highest offices ... Justice demands that all ...evidence  relating to the Rosenberg Case be made available..."Rep. Bella S. Abzug (Dem) NY

December 2001
David Greenglass, chief prosecution witness, released in 1968 after 15 years in prison, & living under the witness protection program, admitted in a TV interview that he'd been pressured by Roy Cohn, former aide to Sen. Joseph McCarthy, to lie during the trial.
September 2008: - Just released Grand Jury testimony indicates that Ruth Greenglass, prosecution witness, may have perjured herself in her trial testimony.

The Rosenberg "Atomic Espionage" Case, among the most controversial Cold War episodes of the early 1950s, despite the passage of decades, continues to raise
serious doubts as to: The reliability of the testimony?  The Judge's relationship with FBI Director Hoover & the  prosecution?  The legality of the sentence?  The rush to electrocute the only Americans ever executed for espionage? 

ROSENBERG CASE BE REOPENED? begins with a historical review narrated by actors Sally Kemp & Paul Jenkins; followed by the February 2, 1975 Santa Monica Civic Auditorium rally where Henry Fonda, Lee Grant, Roscoe Lee Brown, Martin Sheen & other celebrities & 2,500 spectators were tear gassed, allegedly by US Nazis.  Robert Carl Cohen then interviews Robert Meeropol, one of the Rosenberg's two sons, & civil rights attorneys Ben Margolis & Luke McKissack about reopening the case.  They discuss the complex issues involved & the efforts to force the FBI to unseal their files; which remain secret despite the end of the Cold War & the development of nuclear weapons by many nations. 

Could the still-sealed FBI files exonerate the Rosenbergs? 

Is there any legal precedent for reopening a case years after the defendants are dead?
Can the Rosenberg's sons or grandchildren sue for civil damage
Could Congress rehabilitate the Rosenbergs posthumously?

Students of History, Law, Physics, Communism, Psychology, Sociology, & Political Science

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