The Inaccuracy of Comparing
George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler

by Robert Carl Cohen

Alarmists, peaceniks, tree-huggers, and other assorted wimps have dared to compare "W" to Hitler.
From the viewpoint of
hysterical hackuracy this simply hain't TRUE!

Hitler was an illegitimate child, a bastard, who never knew his biological father (rumoured to have been a Jew!!!).
Drafted into the Kaiser's army during the First World War, Hitler became a corporal, and was said to have been gassed
in the trenches. When, as a war veteran attempting to earn a living as a painter, his artistic efforts were rejected by the
art galleries of Vienna, (many of which were run by Jews), he was forced to eat at charity soup kitchens
(many of which were run by Jews).

"W," on the other hand, is the son of a multi-millionaire father who has held high government positions, including being
Director of the CIA and President of the USA. Rather than be drafted, "W" enlisted in the Texas Air National Guard, spent a
year lounging around swimming pools in the USA while his unit went to Viet Nam, was never charged with being AWOL;
and got a diploma from business school at Yale.

Hitler, hired to infiltrate the tiny Nazi (National Socialist German Workers Party), finding that he had ability as a demagogic
public speaker, soon took over the very organization he'd been paid to spy on. Arrested in 1923 after leading an abortive
putsch in Munich, following the publication of his prison-written book "Mein Kampf" (My Battle), after his release he was
supported by the "Brown Shirts" of the S.A. (Sturm Abteilung) - a paramilitary organization said to have numbered up to two
million disgruntled war veterans. Assisted by massive donations from a coalition of Germany's major corporations, he was
elected as a Nazi Party deputy to the German Reichstag (Parliament). With the country wracked by economic woes and
growing Communist-led working class unrest, to enforce "Law and Order" the aging President Hindenberg appointed
Hitler as Reichschancellor.  Shortly thereafter the Reichstag Building itself was destroyed by arson.

Prussian Chief of Police Hermann Goering, suspected of actually being responsible for the fire, charging that it had been
done by a Communist-directed terrorist, used it as a pretext for canceling civil rights, imprisoning tens of thousands of "Leftists,"
and setting up concentration camps where those secretly imprisoned could be denied all civil rights, held indefinitely, tortured
and exterminated. A fearful Reichstag performed its last act when the Social Democrats joined with the Rightists and voted to
give Hitler the power to make all laws. Claiming that Germany was threatened by "World Communism and the Jews," Hitler
ordered a huge increase in armaments production; and began invading and taking over every nation which refused to submit to
Germany's hegemony.

"W," on the other hand, was never elected to national office. In 2000 he received a minority of more than one million of the votes
for President of the USA, but was anointed "President" by 5 of the 9 members of the US Supreme Court as a result of their halting
the counting of disputed ballots in Florida, where his brother Jeb Bush was Governor. The fact that several close family members
of two of the Supreme Court Justices (Scalia & Thomas) who voted to stop the disputed ballot count were on the payrolls of Rightist
organizations failed to elicit charges of corruption in the major corporation-owned US mass-media.

By 2001 "W's" popularity was failing faster than the collapsing stock market when the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the WTC and the
Pentagon created a shock wave of fear which led to the Democrats joining with the Republicans to vote in the Patriot Act and other
repressive legislation. According to the opinion polls announced by the major corporation-owned media, "W's" popularity soared.
He announced that the US would hunt down those responsible for the 9-11 attack, and a united Democrat-Republican Congress
voted him the unlimited power to make war. US Attorney General Ashcroft, charging that the nation was threatened by Radical Islamist
terrorists and anyone who assisted them by contributing money or otherwise supporting one of a long list of suspected organizations,
ordered the secret arrests of large numbers of suspected terrorists. Special detention camps were created both inside and outside the
country, where those secretly imprisoned could be denied all civil rights, held indefinitely, and forced to talk by means normally forbidden
by law. (The deaths under interrogation of an unknown number of those so detained are reportedly being investigated.) While the medical
benefits of veterans have been curtailed; and combat pay and assistance for the families of service personnel on active duty have been cut,
the Defense Department has ordered a huge increase in armaments production. Claiming that it was necessary in order to capture
(formerly US Government supported) Saudi Arabian multi-millionaire Osama Bin Laden, who "W" charged was reponsible for the 9-11 attack,
Afghanistan was invaded and "liberated" of its Taliban ("Students") overlords. Many of these Talibans had been educated in thousands of
Radical Islamist Madrassas ("Schools) established in Pakistan. These institutions had been financed by US Government funds channeled
from the CIA through the ISI (Pakistani Secret Police) to counter Marxist teachings being promulgated by the then pro-Soviet Afghani regime -
and also to assist in the overthrow of that government. Claiming that the elusive Bin Laden was linked to (formerly US Government supported)
Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, "W" also charged Iraq possessed vast secret stockpiles of WDMs, "Weapons of Mass Destruction," including
anthrax and nerve gas. A claim apparently based on the fact that such material had previously been sold to Iraq by the US and its allies
during and following the Iran-Iraq War. Despite the inability of UN inspectors to find such WDMs, in 2003 "W" ordered the US military to
invade Iraq and replace its despotic Baath Party Sunni Moslem rulers with elements more interested in doing business with the US.
Encouraged by the bi-partisan super-patriotic support he's received for these two (relatively low US casualty) military victories, "W" has
ordered the Pentagon to plan the "liberation" of all those nations whose rulers refuse to accept the American Way of Life, especially if they
have oil, uranium, or some other natural resource considered vital to US interests.

Now that the differences between Hitler and "W" have been clarified, we can focus on their similarities.

(c) copyright 2008 Robert Carl Cohen