NO MORE WAR   1961
"I feel sure that we are going to win out in the fight  against nuclear war, and against the reliance on force for the solution of  world problems
Dr. Linus Pauling

During the 1950s & early 1960s Dr. Linus Pauling of Cal Tech was criticized by Dr. Edward Teller & other supporters of the military industrial complex for warning of the danger of cancer & other diseases resulting from nuclear  weapons tests.
  Dr. Pauling's Petition to the United Nations, signed by over 11,000 scientists, contributed to JFK's signing the 1963 Atmospheric Nuclear Weapons Test Ban Treaty This film includes "No More Hiroshimas," an address given by Dr. Pauling & his wife Ava Helen Pauling in MacArthur Park, Los Angeles; and a 1960 LA Peace Demonstration.  In 1977, when PBS "NOVA" requested excerpts, the negative of NO MORE WAR was found to have vanished from a major Hollywood film laboratory's vault.  Fortunately Dr. Pauling had the only remaining undamaged print, from which a video master was made - preserving this rare historical document.

AUDIENCE: Concerned Citizens & Students of History, Sociology, Political Science, Physics, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biology, & International Relations

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