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          Paris, Dec. 8th, 1971           0531
         You have solicited the benefit of a revision of the measure of total interdiction taken in regard to the American film "HOLLYWOOD U.S.A." (MONDO HOLLYWOOD) by the decision of April 2, 1968 by the Commission of Control; which decided that the film in consideration presented an apologia for a certain number of perversities, notably: drugs.
      Your request is based upon the important changes recently made to the original version of this production; which has been submitted - in its new version - to examination by the Commission of Control, first to the sub-commission on November 8, 1971, and then to the plenary session on December 2.
    This last session of the Commission, concluding that the film, having been completely changed from the version which motivated the 1968 total interdiction, unanimously proposed the lifting of all restrictive measures.
  Based upon the above, I wish to inform you of my decision to grant the film - in the version examined by the Commission on December 22, 1971 - a permit authorizing its exhibition to the general public. 
     The administrative document, the exhibition permit, will not be delivered until you have completed the required formalities (payment of exhibition tax, presentation of importation license, certificate of origin, etc).
  I beg your agreement, Sirs, to my expression of sincere sentiments.
Note: Although not a single frame of the film had been changed, the "Commission of Control," previously influenced by Madame DeGaulle, was now under the new Minister of Culture, Jacques Duhamel,  a former cameraman. 
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