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Class displacement in the Cuban Revolution
1965 COLOR
"... eminently fair and realistic look at Cuba"
  - Jack E. Anderson, Miami Herald
 "Neither the Cuban nor U.S. authorities ... influenced the film. ... students evenly divided about whether it was pro or anti - of the best films available"
   - Jane M. Loy, History Dept., Univ. of Mass.

THE EXILE: (Identity concealed)  An emigre living in the USA
THE REVOLUTIONARY: Jose Garcia Nicolas
THE WORKER: Francisco Consuegra Salgado
In 1963 & 1964 Robert Carl Cohen became the first US filmmaker authorized by both the US State Dept. & Cuban Foreign Ministry to film the daily lives of middle and lower economic class Cubans.  Returning to the US he interviewed an upper economic class exile who, his aged parents remaining in Cuba, requested anonymity.  The film's production had to overcome obstacles such as Eastman Kodak's selling the Producer 10,000 feet of defective raw stock & the loss of the work print from an insured Railway Express shipment.  Its 1965 screening as "Three Faces of Cuba" on over 100 National Educational TV (NET) affiliated stations led to violent protests by anti-Castro exiles, hearings before federal agencies, & non-inclusion by the NET in the usual distribution of its programs to the schools.  Despite having permits from both the State & Treasury Depts., Cohen's tax returns from 1963 through 1971 were audited by the Internal Revenue Service; which revealed no liability. 
     Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) files released in 1975 indicate possible CIA influence in NET's refusal to distribute the film.  Despite repeated FOIA requests the Internal Revenue Service claims it has no internal documents or records as to who ordered the five tax audits. 
  THREE CUBANS provides one of the best audio-visual documentations of the early effects of Castro's revolution on the people of Cuba.
   AUDIENCE: Concerned Citizens, Students of History, Latin American Affairs, Social  Psychology, International Relations, Sociology, Political Science, Communism.

56 Min.    COLOR

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