Gunter Grass
Denounces war in Chechnya
2006: Grass reveals that during World War Two he was in the Waffen SS

Alexandre Nikitin
Imprisoned for Treason
A Special Report by Robert Carl Cohen

PEN, the professional writers organization, with over 15,000 members in 130
Centers worldwide, founded in 1921 by George Bernard Shaw, John Galsworthy
and others, was forbidden in the former Soviet Union.  In May, 2000, despite
protests by several Russian writers who feared it would serve to endorse the war
in Chechnya, PEN held its World Congress for the first time in Moscow - attended
by 200 delegates from 70 Centers.  Aware of its historical significance, Cohen,
whose films include INSIDE RED CHINA (1957), INSIDE EAST GERMANY (1959)
& THREE CUBANS (1964) produced this video record of that six day event. 
Highlights include the entire opening address by Nobel Laureate Gunter Grass,
author of THE TIN DRUM, CAT & MOUSE, and other best-selling novels, & an exclusive interview with former Navy Officer Alexander NikitinAcquitted in St. Petersburg
after three years in solitary confinement, Nikitin describes how Russia's military industrial complex had him imprisoned in 1996 & charged with Treason and Theft of State Secrets for daring to publish his suppressed report on the radiation
hazard to the world's fisheries due to the scuttling of Russian nuclear submarines in
the Barents Sea.  The program includes an interview with U.S. Ambassador Collins
& the PEN Congress' "Final Resolution On The War In Chechnya"  -  the strongest public criticism of Russian policies ever made in that troubled nation.

50 minutes  COLOR

Terry Carlbom
PEN International Secretary

US Ambassador Collins
Hosts PEN Delegates