LET IT BURN  The Coming Destruction Of The USA? -  1968
"The prospect of peaceful integration is dead.  White sanity is dead.
The American Dream is dead and the cringing nigger is dead.
All were killed by the White man's satanic hatred and violence."

- Robert Franklin Williams, May 1968  (comment on assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.)
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US Army & Marine Corps vet Robert Franklin Williams attempts to integrate the Monroe, North Carolina swimming pool.  The Ku Klux Klan answers with violence.  Williams & others form the "Guard". 
1961: "Freedom Riders" ask Williams not to intervene during pacifist integration efforts in Monroe.   They are attacked & beaten by the KKK.  National Guard tanks are sent to occupy Monroe. 
Hunted by the FBI, Williams is granted asylum by Fidel Castro.  In Cuba he publishes The Crusader" and broadcasts "Radio Free Dixie," predicting ghetto uprisings & urban guerilla warfare.
1965: The Cubans reduce Radio Free Dixie's transmission range, Williams moves to China, writing in  "The Crusader" that Black GIs in Viet Nam should turn their guns against racists in the US. 
1969: Returning to the US, arrested & released on bond, Williams lives in Michigan while fighting the 1961 kidnapping charges, eventually dropped for lack of evidence.
Distancing himself from the Black Separatist Movement, he mollifies his earlier predictions of a race war and becomes pessimistic about erosion of the Civil Rights gains of the 1960s. 
1996: Williams death at 71 from natural causes is the subject of a major New York Times obituary.

The KKK's plan to murder Williams.
  Why Castro granted Williams asylum.   The Communist Party's opposition to Black Nationalism.   Che Guevara's friendship & support.
  The Cuban leaders he believes aided the CIA.   Why he left Cuba for China.  Why he felt Afro-Americans should support Mao Tze Tung.   Why he urged Black GIs in Viet Nam to turn their weapons against racists in the USA.  His prophecy of the coming destruction of a racially divided USA.
Audience: Concerned Citizens & Students of Law, Race Relations, Black History, Cold War, Cuba, China, Communism, Psychology, Sociology, & Political Science

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Robert Franklin & Mabel Williams 

Havana 1963 - Dar es Salaam 1968

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