Forbidden Journey - Part One
A Historical Pictorial Essay by Robert Carl Cohen

During one of the most perilous periods of the Cold War, after earning his B.A. in Art & M.A. in Film at UCLA in 1954, then serving as a US Army conscript at SHAPE (Supreme HQ Allied Powers Europe) in Paris & in Special Services in Germany, Robert Carl Cohen was studying for the Doctorate in Social Psychology at the Sorbonne on the GI Bill when he decided to attend the 1957 World Youth Festival in Moscow.  This video consists of color & black & white photos taken while traveling by train across East Germany, Poland & Russia, & during the Festival's Opening Parade in Moscow through millions of spectators shouting "Mir e Drushba" (Peace & Friendship).  The sound track is a montage of vocal & instrumental musical selections in Russian, German, Hungarian, English & Chinese.